URCap Development

AIRGATE has been developing and integrating end-effectors and accessories into Universal Robots for the past five years. The URCaps is made for third party developers primarily within the automation industry. AIRGATE have developed URCap software for different international companies like Zimmer Group, Weber and SICK. AIRGATE made the first Universal Robots certified URCap in relation to the development of AIRGATE IoT solution (ARCS), which today is available on UR+ together with ARCS2. The URCap development can vary from 2 week to several month, depending on the size and complexity of the URCap project - from the initial project meeting to delivery of the finished URCap software (+ source code) and launch of the product/URCap through the Universal Robots UR+ sales channels.


We develop URCap software from GUI design to Universal Robots certification, but also offering URCap solution elements and consultancy - we are experts in making:

  • CB and E-series URCap design with focus on usability and security
  • HTML/Java (Java Swing) coding and Daemons (golang)
  • Remote access and alarm solutions (ARCS)
  • UR+ certifications process handling and execution