URCap Development

AIRGATE has developed integration of end-effectors in Universal Robots for the past three years. This application is called 'URCap' and is made for developers within the automation industry. We starting out with our own Universal Robots certified URCap for the AIRGATE IoT solution (ARCS), which is available on UR+. From there we have been developing URCap software for different international companies like Zimmer Group and SICK. The typically URCap development time is about 2-4 month, depending on the size of the project - from the initial meeting to submission and product/URCap presence on the UR+ website. Prices are always fixed and depends on the URCap complexity.


We develop URCap software from design to UR+ certification, but also offering URCap solution elements and consultancy - we are experts in making:

  • CB and e-series URCap design with focus on usability and security
  • HTML/Java (Java Swing) coding and Daemons (golang)
  • Remote access and alarm solutions (ARCS)
  • Web and Mobile applications
  • UR+ certifications process handling and execution