'Robot plug-ins are the new black in the automation industry. Robot plug-ins are to robots, what apps are to smartphones; useful accessories, hardware and software extending the capabilities of robots handling many different tasks'


We specialize in developing robotics software applications and AI-based automation solutions designed to enhance industrial production. Our focus is on optimizing processes and providing support to improve user-friendliness, reduce production downtime, and save costs and resources.


We design and develop solutions and applications through close and agile cooperation with our customers. Our approach is rooted in open and clear communication, timely delivery of high-quality work, and a steadfast commitment to achieving project goals. These principles are deeply embedded in our DNA.


We are driven by a strong passion for the possibilities offered by AI-based automation solutions and robotics software applications. Our motivation stems from designing and developing solutions that address real-world problems and challenges, making a significant difference for our valued customers.


AIRGATE was founded as a software development company in 2015 with the initial business idea of developing robotics software applications (plugins) for collaborative robots. Over time, we expanded our services to integrate end-effectors and accessories from third-party manufacturers into collaborative robots, a service we continue to provide today. Our current path was significantly influenced by our acquaintance with Universal Robots in 2016, the same year we became a certified developer and partner.

Today, we continue to develop robotics software applications and solutions for our global customers, enhancing and streamlining the use of various collaborative robots, including Universal Robots, Fanuc, Doosan, and ABB. Over the years, we have created a wide and growing variety of robotics software applications and products to benefit both existing and future customers. In recent years, we have also begun designing and developing tailored AI-based automation solutions to enhance and optimize production areas and entire production lines for our customers.


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