“Enhance your automation efficiency with Airgate's expertise in software development”



At AIRGATE, we specialize in developing robot software applications and solutions that enhance the functionality of collaborative robots, aiming to increase ease of use while reducing production downtime and costs.

We are a leading company in robot remote access solutions and software plugins for Universal Robots, Fanuc, Doosan, and ABB. For nearly a decade, we have been assisting our customers in designing and developing software plugins for the integration of end-effectors and accessories into collaborative robots.





At AIRGATE, we develop automation solutions for a wide range of industries. Our solutions are designed to enhance production by reducing downtime and cutting costs. We specialize in AI-based vision systems that utilize video cameras to predict and prevent unplanned downtime caused by wear and tear. These cameras are strategically placed near identified risk points along production lines and do not require integration into existing machinery or systems.

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