Fanuc Plugins

Plugins to Integrate Accessories and End-Effectors with Fanuc Cobots

We develop Fanuc plugins for manufacturers of cobot accessories and end-effectors, such as grippers, scanners, and screwdrivers. These plugins are software applications that can be installed on any Fanuc cobot, extending their capabilities. Fanuc plugins enable end-customers to seamlessly integrate and operate various robot accessories with Fanuc cobots, facilitating complex automation processes with ease. Additionally, manufacturers of cobot accessories gain access to the robust Fanuc sales channel through these plugins.


Plugin software delivery

  • GUI designs with focus on high usability
  • Development in JavaScript and Karel
  • Implementation and integration according to Fanuc requirements
  • Adaptation to all Fanuc cobots
  • Language versioning besides English (as required)
  • Test to secure a stable and error free software
  • Documentation and installation/build guides
  • Bug fix warranty period of standard 3 months

Fanuc CRX-Ready plugin software from Airgate 

  • 10 years of experience in specific robot plugins development and implementation
  • Fanuc plugin projects performed typically from 2 weeks to 6 months
  • End-to-end plugin development or partial development with the customer
  • Fanuc ecosystem presence and Fanuc reviewing process handling and execution


  • Highly skilled and experienced URCap developers
  • Fully integrated software solutions for Fanuc
  • Access to a strong Fanuc sales channel
  • Agile plugin software development (SCRUM)

Let’s discuss your next robot plugin project

Please contact us for a noncommittal dialogue about your plugin software project

Robot plugin development process

– Initial (telco) meeting for high level scooping of the plugin development project

– Customer makes product specification based on use cases or together with AIRGATE

– Initial offer is sent to customer based on the product specification for preliminary approval

– Kick off meeting with customer for clarifying the product specification in details and to determine the development process

– Customer accepts the final offer from AIRGATE

– Customer sends the HW documentation and/or the HW itself for mounting on a AIRGATE robot for testing doing development process

– The agile plugin development begins

– Delivery of plugin software, documentation and source code

– 3 months standard warranty period for a bug free and stable plugin software application