Get Remote Access to Universal Robots

ARCS2 is a software-only solution that enables you to get remote access to your Universal robot. ARCS2 comes with many functionalities for easy download on and installation directly into the teach pendant of the Universal Robots

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 "We see two main benefits to ARCS2. We save time because we can help our clients quickly and we save money because we don't have to travel to troubleshoot." (project manager, Marko Müller-Piltz, ICS Industriedienstleistungen GmbH)

ARCS2 benefits

 Remote Access to robot (VNC) to troubleshoot, program and control Universal Robots
 Access to Universal Robots operating system remote (SSH)
 Backup of Universal Robots program to USB stick

ARCS2 software-only solution

A Remote Access version for global LAN communication

Remote Access

The ARCS2 Remote Access functionality works via VNC and gives you the ability to program, control, or even operate the Universal Robots from anywhere and from any device to support or troubleshoot any robot. 

Remote Access is using the secure SSH tunnnel and can be connected to the local VPN connection of the company providing the LAN communication to the robot.


Minimize production downtime by optimizing support and availability:
- Save money and time

Easy to download and install with a user friendly and intuitive URCap

High security solution compliant with the requirements of Universal Robots and Industry 4.0:
- No global internet required

Other Security Benefits

VNC only allows LAN connections
Connections from the global Internet can be made using the customer's own VPN connection, or other security standard.

VNC is SSH Tunnel secure
VNC is forced to use SSH Tunnel and cannot be connected to using the “normal” path.

Disable/Enable SSH on button (enabled by default from UR)
The user can disable or enable the SSH, previously this was always enabled.

Stack light enabled
If enabled, the user can connect a light to the robot and this will then light up when a VNC connection is establish and turn off when the connection is terminated.

Single Point of Control. (Touch is disabled when VNC is connected)
This is a security requirement from Universal Robots. When a connection is established the touch screen on the teach pendant is disabled. This is so the on-premise user can guide the remote connected user, but not send different control signals to the robot.

SSH Tunnel can be enabled or disabled at will (enabled by default)
If the user does not need a secure SSH Tunnel this can be disabled.



ARCS2 software-only solution

Global LAN version

1 license per robot

Remote access (VNC) to troubleshoot, program and control Universal Robots

E-mail notification if Universal Robots stops unexpectedly

Access to Universal Robots operating system remote (SSH)

Backup of Universal Robots program to USB stick

Truly secure

From €199


Discount: 1 pcs. €499, 2-9 pcs. €299, +10 pcs. €199

When you download the ARCS2 solution you get the URCap software, Remote Access License and a user manual

Support is available at on weekdays between 09:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CET

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