Secomea makes Industry 4.0 certified secure remote access solutions for machine builders, factory owners and utility installations that helps their customers to securely monitor, manage, and service industrial asset no matter where it’s located.

Customer challenge

The Secomea xx39 series of SiteManager gateways are designed for global 3G/LTE connectivity. The Secomea distributors and customers wanted a SIM solution that was as easy to provision as the SiteManager itself, while also being able to manage everything centrally. This would include being able to monitor SIM data usage, positioning SIM cards on a map, get SIM usage alarms, be able to easy diagnose and operate the connectivity state of the SIM cards.

The Solution

AIRGATE was able to accommodate all these requirements, combined with agreements with leading ISPs that allows for expanding in a global market with the same simple pricing model. SIM cards are tested in-depth together with Secomea SiteManager gateways to secure trouble-free deployments. The SIM solution makes it possible for customers to monitor and manage the SIM communication with a lot of advanced functionality all in real time via a user-friendly cloud based SIM portal.

Added Value

Secomea has obviously made the entire SIM-card handling easier for the global distribution channel and subsequently for the customers, by addressing both technical and accounting processes in the solution based on practical usage experience with the SiteManager gateways. Especially the hassle of managing and monitoring multiple SIM cards with high risk of Bill-shock has been eliminated.

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