Robot software applications that realize your automation project

Robotics software solutions

AIRGATE offer the ARCS2 IoT solution, which provides secure Remote Access from anywhere, to any collaborative robot and from any device. ARCS2 also offers the possibility to collect, monitor and visualize robot sensor data in real time. The IoT platform fulfill the Industry 4.0 needs and comes as a cloud based and LAN based solution that addresses current constraints in terms of security and adaptability. On top the IoT platform comes with an easy to use front-end for presentation of sensor data including a drag and drop dashboard for easy customization and use.


Robot software applications

AIRGATE develops robot plug-ins as a certified developer for Universal Robots. AIRGATE offers development and integration of end-effectors and accessories like grippers, screwdrivers and laser scanners into collaborative robots for third party industrial vendors. The robot plug-ins makes it easy for end-customers to use collaborative robots together with different tools and at the same time offering the third party industrial vendors a strong sales channel.