AIRGATE is a certified Universal Robots developer making software (URCaps) for integrating of end-effectors and accessories into Universal Robots like grippers, screwdrivers and laser scannes for third party industrial developers.

Customer challenge

AIRGATE helps industrial developers with the development and integration of end-effectors and accessories directly into Universal Robots. With the aim of increasing the usability for the end-customer of Universal Robots and at the same time enhance new market opportunities.

The Solution

AIRGATE has made software development/integration for 7 different industrial developers making it possible for Universal Robots end-customers to plug and play in their production. In addition providing industrial developers with access to a new and fast expanding sales channel.

Added Value

AIRGATE is making it easy for industrial manufactures with customers using Universal Robots to use different kinds of end-effectors integrated in Universal Robots software and accessible on the teach pendant of the robots.

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