AIRGATE is a certified Universal Robots developer making software (URCaps) for integrating end-effectors in Universal Robots software among these different kind of handling tools like grippers for leading manufacturers and suppliers globally.

Customer challenge

AIRGATE helps industrial manufactures integrate their end-effectors directly on Universal Robots with (URCap) software integration. With the aim of increasing the usability of the end-effectors on Universal Robots  - thus utilizing new market opportunities.

The Solution

AIRGATE has made software integration of 17 different grippers making it possible for Universal Robots customers to plug and play grippers in their production. In addition providing manufactures of end-effectors with the right to use the certified Universal Robots logo.

Added Value

AIRGATE is making it easy for industrial manufactures with customers using Universal Robots to use different kinds of end-effectors integrated in Universal Robots software and accessible on the teach pendant of the robots.

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