URCap to integrate accessories and end-effectors to Universal Robots

URCaps are software applications that can be installed on Universal Robots to extend their capabilities and to create a strong sales channel


URCap software delivery:

  • GUI design with focus on high usability 
  • Development in HTML/Java (Swing)
  • Implementation and integration according to UR requirements
  • Adaption to both CB-series and E-series
  • Language versioning besides English (as required) 
  • Test to secure a stable and error free software
  • Documentation and installation/build guides 
  • Bug fix warranty period as standard 3 months

URCap software from AIRGATE is certified by Universal Robots

  • 5 years of experience in specific URCap development and implementation
  • URCap projects performed from 2 weeks to 6 months
  • End-to-end URCap development or partial development with the customer
  • UR+ certifications process handling and execution


Highly skilled and experienced URCap developers

Fully integrated software solutions for UR

Access to a strong UR+ sales channel

Agile development (SCRUM)


Please contact us for a noncommittal dialogue about your URCap project

URCap development process:

– Initial telco meeting with customer for high level scooping of the URCap development project

– Customer makes product specification based on use cases and sends hardware documentation

– Quote is sent to customer based on the product specification for approval

– Kick off meeting with customer for clarifying the product specification in detail and determine the development process

– Delivery of URCap software and source code

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