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AIRGATE offers a PaaS connectivity/device management platform called myAIRGATE, a highly scalable standard IoT platform that easily can be customized to meet any business needs.
myAIRGATE makes it easy to launch, manage and monetize IoT device deployments using a single turnkey solution. The platform is integrated with Vodafone globally and makes it possible to manage all SIM cards and devices in one simple solution.
myAIRGATE operates on a single base of code that can be configured to meet specialized enterprise needs across a wide range of business models, technologies, and industries. Through one, turnkey, and globally compatible platform solution, myAIRGATE delivers visibility and real-time control for connected device service management, along with mobile service management capabilities like SIM location, usage control and alarms, data management and diagnostics.
myAIRGATE provides performance data to product development teams and/or service teams, intended to optimize performance and development of devices, and to reduce maintenance costs.