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Connectivity and services that meet every need
AIRGATE offers both standard and customizes connectivity solutions for any IoT solution in different sectors and industries with a local or global footprint.

Local and global connectivity
SIM cards can use multiple networks in each country, and with the same data pricing in +75 countries, that ensures availability and simplicity for your IoT solution

Automatic usage control
To ensure your solution against overuse or ‘Bill Shock’, we offer automatic usage control, and email alarms and lockout if the agreed limit is exceeded.

SIM Management platform
The platform makes it easy to launch, manage and monitor your SIM cards and devices, integrated with TDC/Vodafone, the platform shows real-time SIM usage status and location for each SIM card.

Self-activated SIM cards
Test your IoT solution already in the production phase before commissioning. We offer free 100 kB test usage for 90 days before all billing starts.

Different SIM card types
To meet the needs for different designs of the IoT devices, we deliver standard, mini, robust, or solder able (SMD) SIM cards.

AIRGATE can also supply SIM cards with either public IP addresses, or private IP addresses. These solutions ensure your data and works locally and globally.

Flexible data packets
Customised data packages tailored to your IoT solution, either per SIM card, or for the total SIM card portfolio – flat rate or consumption based data package pricing.

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